The Soundtrack to Pixel Arting Wonton

akiakane kasumisou
"Over the course of developing Wonton 51 I listened to a lot of music. I spent god knows how many hours creating all the art for the game. This is the musix that got serious playin'."

1 ) SpecialThanks - SEVEN LOVERS
2 ) The Aquabats - Myths, Legends and Other Amazing Adventures
3 ) Akiakane - Kasumisou
4 ) The Dollyrots - Eat My Heart Out
5 ) Mikabomb - Hellcats
6 ) The Dark Knight Returns OST
7 ) Halo ODST OST
8 ) Even in Blackouts - Myths and Imaginary Magicians
9 ) The Giant Bombcast

All of these are available on Spotify/iTunes and NOT ON YOUR FUCKING TORRENTS. Check em out and enjoy! They all helped shape the game.

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