About Us

Who are Quarter Circle Punch Game Works and why are they so good looking?

Quarter Circle Punch Game Works LLP

  • Quarter Circle Punch Game Works are developers of strength.
  • We pierce the darkness and deliver you games of deliciousness and tightness.
  • We make games that we want to play. Games that are how games used to be.
  • We like old games that are full of flavour and idiosyncrasies.
  • We like games with quirks and character that show something of the creators.
  • Our games are not mass-market. They are furious. They are strong. They are spicy.


Oli Clarke Smith: Creative Director and Head Chef

A games industry veteran. Professional designer. Pixel art newbie. Maker of futomaki. Spitter of jive talk.

Phil Crabtree: Technical Director and Percussion

Plays code like a violin. Marries phat beats with ill programming. You need a feature? Done before you finish asking.

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